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New Zealand Institute of Sport

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New Zealand Institute of Sport was established in 1996 providing students with a practical pathway to success. We have evolved alongside the rapidly expanding industry of health, fitness, sport and recreation to provide relevant courses from Level 2 to Level 6. We strive to provide an environment where students are challenged to meet industry requirements and learn the skills that employers are looking for through its high quality academic programmes. NZQA recognised us as a Category 1 provider based on highly confident educational performance and organisational self-assessment. We inspire our learners with a dynamic and out-of-your-seat approach to learning. Our courses engage directly with industry and communities, building real life experiences and relevant skills. To deliver high quality programmes that provide opportunities for all learners to work towards their full potential. We enhance the personal employment and sporting opportunities of learners by providing holistic, innovative courses and programmes.

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Program Studi New Zealand Institute of Sport

JenjangNama Program Studi

Advanced Health and Fitness Coach Level 5

Health & Fitness Personal Trainer Level 4


Human Performance (Multi-Sector) Level 6

Sport, Recreation, & Performance (Multi-Sector) Level 5

Sports Management (Multi-Sector) Level 6

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