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Inspired by the food industry that keeps developing as fast as poaching an egg, Arkamaya offers a first-class culinary education of Indonesian cuisine in the heart of Jakarta. It is our belief that everyone has that creative soul and hunger for greatness. Accordingly, we have built a diverse range of programs (academy and short courses) for every person fond of Indonesian food, either a professional or an everyday learner. Each lesson will simmer your creativity to take that familiar taste from your mother’s kitchen, mix it well, and turn it into something new. We have two main program : 1. Cooking 2. Pastry In addition, we do have three types of classes : Basic, Intermediate and Package program ( Basic & Intermediate ). You will get Uniform Set, Recipe & Modules, Ingredients, Premium Facilities, and Certificate once you are join the program and pay the tuition fees both package or single program.

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Program Studi Arkamaya Culinary Jakarta

JenjangNama Program Studi

Cooking Basic

Cooking Intermediate

Cooking Package

Pastry Basic

Pastry Intermediate

Pastry Package

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