The advancement and accessibility of technology has drastically changed the world in the last few decades. Almost everyone you see has a smart phone. A few decades ago, people would have called you crazy if you told them you wanted a palm-sized computer. Yet, here we are. Just a few taps and voila! Anything you want to know or do is within reach. Now, things are even easier. You don’t even need a few taps, just your voice and your phone will do what you will it. It’s like your very own assistant.

Commuting and logistics has benefitted greatly from this advancement. Getting a ride can be done instantaneously and is always just a click away. Sending packages and food can be done through mobile apps. Purchasing tickets to the cinema or a concert without lining up in a long queue is now possible thanks to the apps that allow you to connect directly with the merchants and get what you need quickly. Even making payments can be done securely and swiftly.

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Not only does technology help you in your personal life but it also directly impacts the way you learn. The days of the teacher writing on the board and explaining something are nearly behind us. Projectors allow them to efficiently communicate what they want us to see and notes can be simply sent to each student, saving precious time. One of the things I personally love is only carrying my laptop and charging cable. No more wrestling around hundreds of books. Searching for files has also improved. A simple command and the computer shows you where it is.

The ability to find research material quickly and easily online without going to the library and reading through a lot of thick books makes the previous generation jealous. Calendar applications allow you to have a hold on the time you spend. Don’t understand something that your teacher taught you? Just ask your friends by chats or by watching YouTube. You can even do group projects from the comfort of your home and when you are done with your work, just upload it online.

Solutions are there for problems that you never knew you had. Life has never been simpler, faster and more affordable through technology.

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